Monday, January 9, 2012

Miss Kim Kardashian

As much as you love to hate her, (I know I'm going to be on your hate list) -  I do like her.  I don't know her in person. But I get her drift.

I mean what are the chances? She has two famous dads, crazy sisters who are just funny to watch (makes you go 'oh no they didnt!!'), mogul of a mom, beautiful half sisters ... ok, I can't say much of Rob but the rest, yes ... they are a great bunch.

Kris Jenner, somehow saw a vision - she saw her brood & in her brain she went ka-ching, ka-ching!! I mean if it makes their life better, why are we judging her as a mom , making her children & herself famous. She can think of a simplest issue in their life, turn it around and make it profitable. She does get carried away about the green notes but still, she is doing very well and doing too well for her kids.

Kim Kardashian, the queen of the empire has her ups and downs. At the end of the day, you see a sweet girl who just want to be loved.

She started young, wanting to be married & be domestic. She feels somehow giving herself to her man is just pure love. Nothing wrong with that - if you give that to the right man, that is.

I read about her first stunt marriage. Was just a silly young girl who wanted to belong to someone. Yes she was young. Possibly 19? I can't remember.

Then the sex tape scandal. All in a magical dream of pleasing her man. As you watch her reality show KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS, yes she has her angry moments, but when you really watch her, she is this sensitive, sweet girl who just want to find true love.

She's gorgeous, successful & you would think she can get any men she wants. She probably can but she is also shy & careful of being hurt. You see her through her marriage with Kris Humpries.

Love is blind. As a third party, watching their show, I learned about Miss Kim Kardashian. And through watching them too, I learned about Kris Humpries. Somehow or rather, I didn't like him from the begining. Sorry Kim.

I feel like he is too child like and too much of a joke to be with someone so sophisticated and so beautiful. And it seems so weird that through it all, while our brows frowned upon the things that came out of his mouth, Kim laughed & thought it was funny. One case of point of girl being so in love.

When they got married,  you have betting tables opening on the days they would stay married. How sad is that really?

Instead of hoping for the best and hope they'll grow old together, people were specualting when Kim is going to cut loose.

I am a nobody in Kim's eyes but somehow, I didn't feel Kris was right for her. She deserves better. And when she filed for a divorce, she pleaded for everyone to just understand the situation & respect her privacy.

It was hard for this girl. Everything she does is being scrutinised. Yet, she is still standing up there. Well done, Kim!

Well, as much as everyone makes fun of me for watching her & for thinking, there's nothing wrong with her (she's just being human), I hope from the bottom of my heart that one day Kim will find someone who truly deserves her wonderful self.

We saw Khloe became happy, we saw Kourney's bundle of joy (and soon to be another bundle), let's pray & hope that Kim's happiness is just around the corner.

Best of luck, Kim. Really want you to be truly happy. Hopefully sooner than later.