Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Born This Way - Tribute to the bullied

Should I be sorry for being different? Should I be sorry that people have difficulty putting me into one category because they can't figure me out? Most definitely not!

I know I'm gorgeous! ;) If I say so myself!

And I am even more beautiful deep inside inside this big heart of mine. I wish I have the money to save the world. But no, you won't see me walking in my bikini on a stage & saying "World Peace" in my most sexy voice.

I just feel like I need to do something to help out in this world. My kids are living in it now. I can protect them now. But come 16 years time when they think they know more than mommy & daddy, they will spread their wings and experience the cruel world we all live in.

I lived in a small countryside when I was growing up. The kind of place where you can even be running across the road & you know your children will not get hit. People are careful in that area. That was in Australia.

After a tragic incident (not close to where I used to live), I was placed in a boarding school in U.S. Yes, I had an accent from down under. Mind you, I was also from the "Hampston" of Australia. I could easily become a laughing stock of everyone with my well mannered sentences while everyone around me use the word "fuck" in every sentences.

I was different, I wasn't white, I wasn't hispanic, I wasn't black, I wasn't chinese, they couldn't really get what I was. I speak differently, I dressed differently so typically I would have been a perfect target for a big bully!

But I wasn't. I have a great feeling what I went through right before entering U.S had a lot to do with it. Had I not had tha tragic accident and lost my parents -I would probably think my social life is all that matters to me. I mean, why not? It was at that age when you just want to be accepted. So I wasn't bullied. But I was healing from a great loss .Therefore my concern wasn't about what people say about me.

Over a quick 3 day period, they realised that I couldn't be bothered with their words & I smirked in a way that nothing could break me.

However, growing up as a teenager in U.S can be very different from anywhere else in the world. In every school, there are a handful of junior kids learned from the seniors that the only way to survive in this cruel world is to pick on a victim & work them to death. Somehow they believe that if they don't do that, they'll probably be the victim themselves.

Most times, bullying comprises of a group of people. If you hand pick them on their own, or even speak to them alone, without the backup of the rest of the group, you will realise that these individuals are pretty harmless if not scared.

Recently, a few articles were in the papers which were very disturbing.

The following are a few which I could remember:





How would we know if our children have low tolerance for childish namecalling. Your children can be as normal as anyone's. You can never tell.God forbid if the above happened to your child and you lose your child due to this silly-ness, can you live your life without questioning what has this world become? I fear to even think about it.

I remembered being called a lot of names while I was in U.S but non of which would bother me enough to lose my life over. These so-called bullies are actually scared of being bullied. They want to protect themselves. People who tried that stunt on me, lasted at most 3 days before they got tired for my non-reaction or they felt stupid when I give them the "are you for real?" look. ;) I think I have a natural knack to make them feel like they just made a fool of themselves!

So the question is - how would you know that your child needs your moral support more than you think she does? It's just scary! You don't.

Some of the suicide were triggered from cyber friends!! It's crazy!!

Lady Gaga & Kim Kardashian came forward recently to highlight the weight of this issue. It's a big issue. No parents would like to lose their kids because of bullying. It's a serious thing. And maybe hopefully, something drastic could be done to the bully to burst them out of their bubble & realise the impact they have to other people's lives.

Easy said that done.

The first article about the Chinese-American soldier being brutally abused by 8 grown men - who I suspected do actually have brains but somehow didn't really know how to use them. Ego & pride got in their way & I hope they do not go unpunished.

How do we teach the youngs when the adults are behaving as such?

How do you justify punishing a fellow American who wants to serve his own country? Why don't these soldiers focus on their real target instead? Or has the world become too peaceful for them that they handpick their own people to horn their "brutal" inner traits?

Yes he was Chinese but people - he was American!! What's up with that?!?

My heart breaks for his family. To have a child who wants to serve the country & putting his life out there for the country, only to find out he was killed or driven to death by his own fellow men.

I can't imagine getting such news. I felt this strong heavy feeling in my heart when I read the news. I can just imagine how broken they would be at the moment.

PRIVATE DANNY CHEN, PHOEBE PRINCE, KAMERON JACOBSEN, MEGAN MEIER, ASHLYNN CONNER - Rest in peace. Our condolences go out to their families. Hugs!!

For the rest of us, please spread the word around for all the victims of the bully. Hopefully there is a solution for this. I wish I have more power to change the world, but I don't (for now). So for now, let's keep a watch out & let's protect those we still can.