Saturday, January 28, 2012

Heidi Klum & Seal

I'm still hoping that there is a shooting star, they both, wherever they are, look at it ... and thought... "hey let's give this another shot"


I really do like them. Heidi is the most down to earth human being & even though she is up there, she never forgets to look what's stuck under the sole of her shoes. Yes, she's that down to earth!

Almost every year, we anticipated for their whacky renewal of their vows! It was just too lovely to see them renew their vows after having gone thru so many years together and so many kids (and looking gorgeous! Did I tell you already that I love her?! ;) )

She's an insipiration. If she can look good having four kids out of them body & look that smoking hot... so can I with my two kids. (Never mind the fact that she's a supermodel! Let me dream will you?)

When I read about the breakup, I ordered for a nice gin tonic and sat there reading thru the article almost with a magnifying glass, as if I could spot the reason behind this breakup and somehow go "Voila! I have a solution! And you will stay married again!"

But I didn't ...

So they have separated. I'm sad .... More gin tonic please! Make it a double! :)