Monday, October 29, 2012

Dr Richard Teo - Singapore

Recently, I was visiting an uncle and an aunt in 2 separate hospitals. One was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. While the other has yet to be confirmed ( results to be out in 2 weeks).

While I was there, among many other relatives who were there accompanying our sick relatives, another uncle talked about his near missed experience with cancer.

It wouldn’t have been detected if he didn't go for his annual check up.They found something just not quite right about his kidney. They did some test and found some cancerous cells in it.

It was an early stage. Only detected because he did an annual check-up. He is cancer free today because he acted on it before it dominates him.

Meanwhile, the others, like my mom, do not believe in doing this regular thorough check up.

What if there are cancerous cells in any one of us? Cancer seems to be creeping up on us when we least expect it. It’s a scary notion to have everything under control but to have your body cells ruined by these damn cancer cells??!!! It’s just heart breaking. How can something so not tangible (you can’t even strangle it to death, damn it!) rule our fear!???

Recently, I stumbled upon an article about a doctor. Here’s the link:

Please have a read. It was a moving speech he gave to the future doctors whom we hope will learn from his experience. Dr Teo had everything he ever wanted. He was at the pinnacle of his life! And yet, everything crumbled in a min when the news was told to him that he had a stage 4B cancer dominating his whole body.

What can be done? Nothing. Not even the millions he had could save him. He was talented, good looking, rich and successful. Everything a man can ever wish for. And yet, it was all short-lived.

When I read his speech, it was almost like a plot written for the movies. Isn’t it a cliché that the successful one always get such down fall? To hear it in real life, from a real person, makes it all so surreal and scary altogether.

Cancer can be anywhere. It can creep on you at any point of your lives. It has no emotions to let you stay longer with your loved ones.

I beg everyone (and myself included) to please have a regular check up to detect any signs early so that this evil “disease” can be eradicated before it invades every inch of your body.

Have early detection. Don’t wait. Till it’s too late.