Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mandurah, West Australia

This is my favourite house at Mandurah, West Australia.
 Recently, we went back to my husband's hometown in Mandurah, Australia. It's a beautiful getaway. Although I'm a city girl & love the hustle & bustle of Singapore, it's nice to be able to just rest & relax sometimes.

We live in Singapore. Our children playschools are in Singapore. So whenever we are in Mandurah, we would be living at my Mother-In Law's (MIL).

The gallery lined up on their entrance hallway.

I was at the front door & this is the first view when I entered.

This time however, we went back with another family. My best friend has a one year old (the same age as my son but is smitten by my 2 year old daughter instead).

Having the extra number of people means more space required. So we searched through the net for an appropriate place for our family. I couldn't just leave them there to stay on their own while we live with my MIL. It's just not nice. The whole point is to experience the trip together.

We found a nice big house in Mandurah. It's situated right in front of the water. I couldn't have express it better than the owner himself. Here's the link...

If you know me well, you would know how I am. I either love or hate a place. I love to share my experience, be it a good one or a bad one. If it's a bad one, I would like to warn people against it. If it's a good place, I would love to share it....

The Front of the house

We had shortlisted about 4 houses towards the end of our planning. Why this house finally? They were personalised with their approach. There was no agent handing the keys to us, there was no feel of a business transaction. What we felt since we made the phone call was a simple proud house owner who wants to share his beautiful home & the experience the house brought him.

Second floor - at the balcony

Check out the view!

There's a little jetty right in front & we always call out to those fishing asking if they caught something & if they wanna share! Haha

View looking to the right side of the balcony
 We have 3 babies in tow. So before the trip, we were (as all mothers were) concern about safety issues, cots, etc. We wrote a long email, also explaining that my best friend has OCD which means if the house is not clean, she will turn back & not stay there.

The owner patiently attended to our woes & worries. He then called us & told us that he has children too so there are already 2 cots in there, safety gates & if we wanted it, he could have all the decorations removed too. Well, I thought that was too easy to be true.... so anyway, we chose this house.

It was right in front of the water. When we arrived, the owner's mom came by with chocolate & wine. A little something from the owner to settle us in !I thought that was rather sweet. We were given a little tour through the house. And my best friend’s eyes were wide opened. Mind you she is used to a 6 star hotel so we didn't think she was going to even like this place.... but she said yes when she saw the pictures & at that moment she seemed like she loves it.

Ground floor - front porch

Big lawn. They plan to put a pool one day.

The children were happily looking around & testing the new ground. The owner's mom asked if she should remove anything for the sake of the children. We said it wont be necessary. One thing that impressed us was the decoration. It was decorated as if it was their own home. It didn't feel like a short term rent house at all. They trusted us with their home feel treasures. So to have them removed would only remove the joy of feeling like we are "coming home"

I never could snap my camera fast enough to catch the dolphins jumping but you can see them wimming in there. At least 8 of them that day.

See the tiny black dots .... those were the dolphins!

That's the word for it. It feels like we are going home. It feels nice & warm. Never mind the fact that it's summer! ;)

The view in front of the house was phenomenal! Complete view of the water & while "mommy" (can't help it, the owner's mother made us feel so welcomed!) was showing us around, as we stood at the balcony,7 dolphins decided to swim by. We stopped, completely awed by the beautiful serenity of this place.
As hours passes, we finally started to settle in. We realised that everything we need was there. Thats the advantage of having the owner staying here as well.(Yeah he said he comes home to that house whenever he is in Mandurah.) He knows what is necessary in this household.

We have rented some houses in Australia before. Some didn't even provide hand towels or toilet papers. But this place, you literally feel like you just need to pack your clothing & the children's stuff of course. Everything else was provided.

We love it. We stayed there for 10 days. "Mommy" called us on the 5th day asking if we were alright & if we need anything. No, we said. This place is perfect. There is a beautiful book which welcomes comments from anyone who stays there.

We looked through it and everyone has the same feel that I almost feel like what I was gonna say is not special enough. The owner conveys welcoming warmth & ease that we just know that we are taken care of. He has his mom helping him with handing over the keys. The “tour” by “mommy” …. She initiated herself apparently like a proud owner.

We had a wonderful 10 days there. We are looking at heading back "home" again soon. The search is over. We found what we want & we are sticking to it. :)

Thank you for letting us use your beautiful house.