Saturday, May 12, 2012

#Blogging4Madeleine - Maddie McCann

Happy Birthday Maddie…. Wherever you are. I hope you make a wish when you blow the candle on your beautiful cake. And I hope your wish will come true.

Today, Madeleine Beth McCann would be 9 years old. A beautiful wide eyed little girl would be choosing what cake she wants for her birthday, what the theme of her party would be ,who should be on the guest lists & what she’s going to wear for her very special day. She will probably make it fun for her siblings too. And her parents will definitely make it a day to be remembered!

However, that is the picture we would expect if Maddie was with her family. Madeleine McCann has been abducted one fine evening of Thursday, 3 May 2007 in an apartment, in the central area of the resort of Praia da Luz, Portugal, shortly before she turned 4.

That evening, her parents has left their 3 kids in their apartment unsupervised while they dined with  others of their friends, about 100 yard away from their apartment. As much as I wondered why they decided to do that (as I know it’s not something I would do myself), they must have been very sure that no harm would come to these children.

Kate McCann, Maddie’s mother, also claimed that she came by often to check on the kids. It may have been a judgment call based on relevant situation. What’s fair to say is that, Kate McCann hasn’t forgiven herself for that decision (although it might even be a joint decision with her husband Gerry McCann). So let us give her a break & try to put ourselves in her shoes& mourn her ordeal.

In 2007, when we first heard about her disappearance, it didn’t affect me as it does now when I’ve become a mother myself. I understood Kate’s concerns. I understood how she felt. I emphasize because being a mother myself, it gave me this strange height of understanding that only mothers would experience. It’s liberating & yet it heightens my concerns.

Two days ago, I closed my eyes & tried to put myself in Kate's shoes. It was almost close to a meditation, allowing no disturbance during my mind simulation. I had a rush of anxiety....A feeling I would feel if I come back to my apartment & couldn't find my little sweet face in her own bed! The rush of panic that ran through my whole body & the screeching scream in my head jolted me out of my “trance”

I felt a sudden pain in my heart just imagining it. I had to sit down & breathe for a while. I glanced at my two babies. One will turn 3 this September & one is 16 months. I wouldn't forgive myself had anything happen to them. I held them tight, repeatedly saying I love them .... I feel so lucky to be able to tell that to my babies. How did Kate feel not being able to tell that to her little girl ?

I did a lot of readings about Maddie, running through articles about any mention of this beautiful little girl.

If only I could let the world stop for 30 seconds & let everyone feel that rush I had....the panic, the guilt,  the sadness, the stabbing feeling in my heart if it was my own child ... If I could do that, there's higher possibilities that others would relate to Kate & Gerry's grief & come forward if they have any lead about Maddie.

I sat by the window yesterday, sipping on my coffee looking out to the sea.... Where is she? How is she? What is she doing? Does she know she has been kidnapped ? Does she know she could possibly have a better life?

I can relate to Kate's fear of what possibly could happen if she is in the hands of a paedophile. Or someone who is sick in the head, keeping her captive or even abusing her. .............. This innocent little soul………

Ohhhh …I had to stop writing for a while. I was feeling a bit sick at the thought. Can't bear the thought .... Blame my 'mommy heart'....

Meanwhile I distracted myself by reading every article possible & stumbled upon a show called Haunting Evidence. I watched the show & I became very hopeful as the show went on. Just (for one second) imagine how Kate would feel if she watches this show .... In the end, they claimed that Maddie has been murdered ... I wasn't too convinced by that.

I tried to find some research on it & found out that there is no prove in these findings. And the saddest (or almost sick )  part is that they haven't managed to solve any of their findings on the show. None of the case was solved. So what does that mean? Why would people to that ? Especially when Maddie's parents are hopeful & still actively looking for Maddie? How sick can anyone be to scoop that low for their personal gain (Or stardom)?

The claim they have was a man has abducted Maddie while she was sleeping. There is no CCTV that has captured any bit of these. The door was unlocked. Could Maddie have woken up & walked out of the apartment looking for her parents. But if that's the case, why didn't anyone alert the police for finding a tiny little girl who is lost? Could she have hurt herself? Again, someone would have found her. Maybe someone found her roaming around aimlessly & decided it's finders keepers. The possibilities are never ending.

There are several sightings of possibly Maddie being with the person who abducted her. However, most sightings have not been confirmed to be Maddie unfortunately.

Her eyes plays a huge role in this. Somehow it's almost like she is meant to be well known in her own way. It's one part that you can't hide under clothing.

When she was born, she was meant to open our eyes to possible dangers that surround us. She is meant to be special. A notable identification feature is a coloboma of her right eye where the pupil runs into the iris in the form of a black radial strip reaching from the pupil out to the edge of the white at the '7 o'clock' position, about 30° clockwise from the bottom. So if you stumbled into a child who possibly be Maddie, please try to check her eyes as that would be the most obvious clue.

Maddie can be anywhere now. Karen & Gerry are dying for an answer or a closure. I'm doing my part in Southeast Asia ... Especially after the recent news about how an Australian woman can be involved in this. Singapore is very near to Australia...

In conjunction to Maddie’s 9th birthday, when Maddie should be blowing the candles on her cake & make a wish ... Let us be a little extra vigilant & look out for this amazing little girl.

She could be anywhere.... Anywhere at all. Please .... Let us do our bit ... Here's a possible picture of how she would look like today.

If anyone have any leads or the slightest suspicion of where Maddie would be, please write back to us & I'll drop everything to attend to this issue immediately.

Alternatively, please report any sightings/ information directly to the contacts below:

o Your local police force immediately
o Operation Grange - 0207 321 9251 (in the UK)
                                - +44 207 321 9251 (non-UK)
o Or Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555111 or

If u need complete anonymity, it can be granted too ... Whatever it takes so that she can be reunited with her family again. She deserves that .. She deserves more than that... She deserves a beautiful childhood with her parents & her twin siblings. That was taken away from her... So if you know something, anything at all ... You could be the miracle that the McCann are waiting for the last 5 years.

Help us make this miracle come through .... please …

Maddie, hang in there. We are almost there ...

The Find Madeleine official : website