Monday, January 9, 2012

Chuck Under The Stereotype Roof

People have a definite perception of me when they see me or when they see me with my husband.

They see just me  - Ahhh, she's very different. She looks local but she has an accent. What is she?

They see me with my children - Ahh, she's a stay home mommy, taking care of her children & life revolves around her children (NOT!)

They see me with my husband - Ahhh, she got lucky & caught a big fish. Typical asian marrying a white guy so now her life is better. Bet she even prefers to live in her husband's country of origin.

Oh yes! I get that a lot. It's very difficult for most people to comprehend that I have been living a posh life even before my husband was in the picture. It's hard for them to believe that I have a successful career, been living in more than 10 countries & have travelled almost everywhere BEFORE I EVEN KNOW THE SHADOW OF MY HUSBAND!

Somehow, that doesn't gel with the fact that I'm asian. They also expect me to be subservient. NOT!

I remembered, when I got married, some of my husband's relatives came to me & said "You must be happy to be able to live in Australia now" or "Are you going to move to Australia?"

And my answer almost immediately - "DEFINITELY NOT!"

I'm sorry for being too much of a city girl. I'm sorry to need to live in a place where things are happening all the time. Oh wait, should I be sorry?

I do not hate Australia. Like everyone else, they all have their prefered place to live. I just prefer to be in a big city. So no, I'm not moving to Australia.

My husband's dad was a little skeptical once when I said I was going to buy a house in Australia. He said "Yes, it'll come out from my son's bank account afterall."

That hurts. It still does. They realised very quickly that I paid for everything. MYSELF!

So yes, while I live a life being misunderstood as the under dog, I try not to let that bother me. But schade ... that's life.

You don't have to spend half your life explaining to people who don't know better that there's life out there which is so colourful that many do not fall under the typical stereotype.

In most cases, those who classify u into a stereotype roof are usually not very adventurous (intelligent)  in life themselves. 

I always find it very interesting whenever I am in Australia & I went to a party or a gathering, ome of them would go " You are not what we expected.'

Trust me, I had to bit my lips all the time. No, I am nothing what anyone expected. Unless you know me, you will not really understand why everything about me doesn't gel.

What can I say? Everyone need to start realising that the stereotype roof is collapsing soon. :)

Wake up people. Let reality show you how colourful a human being can be. Especially me.

(Exaggeration in progress... ) ;)

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