Friday, November 2, 2012

Alissa Guernsey's Murder

Recently, I stumbled upon an article which really touched my heart deep. An article about a girl named Alissa Guernsey. She was only 15 months old when she died.

A child as young as that, a time when they are most cuddly, how would anyone have the knack to even hurt her?! We wonder ....

There are a lot of nonsense on Facebook. Some said click like if you believe in god. Yes, like God is gonna put you in heaven for one click on Facebook! Dream on.

And there were some saying, click LIKE if you want to save this girl's life. A picture was included of a terminally ill child. So are there some sick people out there who actually said "Ok, I will give a million for her surgery if there is 1 million LIKE clicks on Facebook "

When you really THINK about it, it's just a self-driven thing in Facebook to make people click. Click LIKE if you do not want to go to hell. Well, I didn't, will I go to hell even though I've been a kind soul on earth??? Go figure.

Anyway, one of the click LIKE thing is this article on Alissa. See, I don't completely over see these clicking business. I still read the articles and some are worthwhile and some are worth your attention.

This on Alissa grabbed my attention so much that I started to google about her only to find out that her death was in 2009. The year my daughter was born.

I read her story about how she lost her dad and her custody was given to her cousin! Apparently at that time, Alissa's mother was charged for drug abused so much so that her children were removed from her and given to her cousin & murderer Christy Shaffer.

Her death, although a little late, had at first got her mother (Kelli Sprunger) hit rock bottom & then slowly regaining her life and getting herself close to God. Kelli regretted that her misuse of drugs have eventually caused her daughter to die in the hands of her own cousin.

I could just imagine how she must have felt and I am proud of her for wanting to change for the better. Her wakeup call came a little harsh and a little too late but she still has other kids that she now has a chance to take care of.

Christy was supposed to be sentenced to 10 years in jail. Out of which, 6 years were suspended. And due to good behaviour, Christy was released only after 77 days in jail.

Is that justice? Just imagine Alissa's cries for help when she was hit again and again. And no one was there to help her. She was in pain...

If you are a mother, you can relate to the loss of this beautiful baby. If you would, instead of just clicking LIKE, please go to the link below and let’s join hands to have a petition on this. Please, let’s make a difference.