Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Losing That Baby Talk

Today I came into my daughter's room & she squealed "Mommy, stars!!!"  She pointed at the new lamp with stars on it. I suddenly realised that she said it right "Stars!"  She used to say it "Chi-Cha" As in Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - She shortened it to "Chi-Cha" for the whole sentence & had since referred to star as "Chi-Cha" .... until recently.

And I also realised that when she wants something she goes "Please, mommy, please, please!"  As if to show me that "Hey, you want me to be polite. I'm polite now. How come I still don't get it my way?" :)

I somehow felt she is growing too fast. Maybe it's pretty normal. She is able to tell the maid that she doesn't want cold milk but instead wants it warmed up, but not too hot, just warm. 

She has a whole lot of opinion over lots of things. It does make it more difficult these days jsut to get out of the door because she may not be too happy with the dress she is wearing, or her hair clip or the shoes didn't go .... Whatever.

She's only 2! I wonder how it would be at 16. These days when she is upset, the whole world can tell. Having said that, she is my first born and I did cultivate & invest more time with her. I guess secretly I expect her to be a whole lot better.

My 1 year old son - yes he is one but I feel like he is still a baby. My daughter might have grown up quicker since she knows there's another baby coming or maybe the myth about girls maturing earlier could be true.

I found myself missing my daughter's baby talk. We have never encouraged baby talk. When she said "Chi-Cha" we would gently corrected her "That's right sweetheart, it's a star." And yet, now that she said it right, I was like "Aaaw, she grew up too fast!"

Mothers! You can never please them can you?! :)

Anyway, I'm watching her grow ... and last night when both kids were giggling and laughing under the shower, I squeezed my husband's hand and whispered "Well done, hon!  We did it. Those are our 2 notorious little kids. And they are going towards independence."

It's scary. The feeling like they don't need you anymore becomes more apparent. It's little things like my daughter pushing me away at play school saying "Mommy, go home. I want friends"

Sob! Sob! Sob!  Haha ...drama queen .... i think if I am watching Mamma Mia again, (to that part whereby Meryl streep was combing her daughter's hair before her wedding & she reminisces her daughter growing up) I would probably break down in tears. Now I know how that really feels.

To be a mother. To have a part of you embedded in one (or two or more) of those tiny creatures called children.

I love them unconditionally. Whether they will love me back when they are older .... we'll see....