Friday, March 30, 2012

Ethiopian Maid Publicly Abused.

What makes people feel that they have power over the less fortunate??

I mean honestly! I have a maid too & I have to say that compared to my last one, she is quite hopeless. I do get angry at her, I do get pretty frustrated at her - but never have I even think of laying a finger on her. That's just not humane. Nobody, no matter how frustrating they can be, should be hit or beaten. That's not up to you to punish her. Yes, you can scold her or point out to her what she did wrong and HOPE she will not do it again & maybe learn from her experience but what you see on this video.

To be fair, maybe this maid could have over reacted. Its just a maybe. Maybe she didn't want to go back to this employer, who knows! But whatever it is, the employer has no right to lay a hand on her like that. Like she's just a dog - even dogs are not treated like that!!

I got pretty upset looking at that video. Maybe even emotional. I know they are poor & went to far away land to earn & send their money back to their country. I know they are no angels - as I have learnt it myself, the hard way. But at the same time, the way we reprimand them shouldn't be so degrading.

I do scold my maid when she does something wrong. But I do not do name calling or hitting or whatever which could be degrading to her. It's just being human.

Please people, one hit, one punch, one drag of the hair ... it hurts. Try to have someone done on you before you ever think of doing it to another person. Love your fellow humans......