Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I've Been Slacking

Picture this …….. you are down with cold, sipping your tea with lemon & ginger & honey, all wrapped up because you are the only one feeling cold while the rest of the world feels normal. Your head is banging most time, numb at other times, your nose blocked & your throat itch for a cough every 2 minutes ….

Every too often, you can’t help feeling sorry for yourself & it’s at this time when you start to dig up those sorry moments of your life & sms your husband like a poor little thing … no? You don’t do that? Well, maybe it’s just me …. :)

I was ill for a while - thus the reason for no blogging. Apart from being such a slack but hey, when you are unwell, aren't you given the green pass to be a slack? ;)

I was ill 3 weeks ago, got a little better but I gave my virus to my husband, very generously. He fell ill not long after I got well. When we got back from our holiday, I got it back from my husband… this time the virus was banging into the temple of my head with a vengeance! Mental note: Refrain from kissing your husband while one of you is unwell or high on virus!

Anyway, it’s times like these I feel like I have to do a lot of complaining , I guess hoping to get some sympathy. And my husband has been such a doll. He would entertain my nonsense since he knows I was just feeling very uncomfortable. Why wouldn’t he be? He also knows darn well that no matter how sick I am , I will get my butt off the bed to entertain the kids till they go to sleep. So honestly, he feels very bad when I am unwell.

Anyway, I'm so much better now. Was just that bit of complaining to you guys to keep up with my reputation while being ill.  Haha....