Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Newtown Shooting of Sandy Hook Elementary School

My heart goes out to all the parents of the children in Sandy Hook Elementary School.

For those who suffered loses from this tragedy, I know nothing can replace the joy and love which has been taken away from you prematurely.

I can’t even imagine seeing my kids get hurt when falling off the chair. Yet alone, having anymore pain than that.

Since I became a mother, I empathised mothers who go through tragedies and my heart somehow bleeds for them too. I can’t really explain it.

I am in Singapore and the tragedy is in U.S & yet I felt like I wish I could do more to help those parents who lost their child. There is nothing which will make them feel better -  ever. Their lives have been altere - FOREVER ....  But I just want to help in any way I can.

Meanwhile, let’s not forget about those parents who brought home their frightened children who had been forced to go through such horrifying ordeal. This is not fair at any level! Now how many more young kids have to die before they f**king do something about the guns?!

Pardon my language but while America hailed the need for guns to protect themselves, it has been creating more tragedies in the last few years. I don't see any other people in developed countries need guns to protect themselves!!!

The theory is as such, if you have guns available to you to protect yourselves, there are bound to be someone out there who are sick in the head who might abuse this privilege.

However if you do not make it available to ANYONE, nobody can get hurt – at least not through another shooting. Mass killing has been on the rise that many fears that a “copycat” murder may be in plan already.

As we speak, we have kids or adults creating twitter account or blog pages hailing how great the killings are!!! That is just too sick to even be imagined.

A teacher’s son killed his mother on the face, left home(apparently geared with heavy arms) went to the school she taught, went to her class and started a shooting spree ON CHILDREN!!! This could be America’s worst mass school shooting!!

It’s 15th December today. Only 10 days short of Christmas. I could imagine their parents have already anticipated their Xmas gifts under the Xmas tree and told them (probably everyday) that they have to wait till Xmas before they could open their gifts. Like any parents would.These kids probably were in their best behaviour because they wanted Santa to come with their choice of toys! And probably Santa DID put the toys they wanted. All these….. still waiting under that tree…. And on Xmas day, it’ll hit these parents really hard when there are unopened boxes under that tree…. The same boxes which the kids have been shaking and trying to guess the last 2 weeks! My heart bleeds for them ....

It tears my heart to even imagine half the devastation these parents are going through. This certainly do not need to happen again. If some precautions are done.

In this scenario, the shooter apparently has Asperger. While we all know that usually someone who has Asperger can react irrationally, it wouldn’t have been this grief if he didn’t have the option to use a gun.

Guns are used in every action packed movies and shows that signify power and skills. Just imagine Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Angelina Jolie, Collin Farrell -who wouldn’t wanna be seen to have such skills like James Bond does.

Among 98 percent of viewers of these movies understand that this is fiction. And that this should not happen in real life. However, having said that, there are 2 percent to would go home, imagining the glory of his death if his name comes out on the paper because he killed people.

OR this 2 percent might think that that would be a way to solve problems. Just kill everyone. Like an escape.

This news hit me hard. I saw Obama’s speech about this tragedy. He is addressing the situation as a parent. And it’s touching to see him reach out and said that his heart is broken. I just want him to know that of all the people in the world, at this instance, he has the most power to change this situation.

Please do something about the ownership of a gun in America. For the sake of the children. For the sake of the future.

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