Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Do I want a 3rd one? Hmmmm ...

So my kids are not babies anymore. They are more fun to be with and they are wonderful to travel with. Traveling became a breeze. Well, compared to how it was before.

While waiting for our flight to France, in London, I was recalling the many gushes and gasped we got from my husband's side of the family.

Our kids are mixed. And therefore they look "different".

That was the first time my husband's family saw the kids and they were completely smitten by both of them. They even took time off to spend their time with the kids.

As we travelled together through England, I saw them proudly held my kids' hands and was enjoying the admiration and the stares we got from everyone else.

My son is a charmer. He would wave and blow kisses at anyone who walks pass him which made him so irressitable! He has dimples on both cheeks and he smiles and chuckles making everyone else feels like they are so funny or entertaining.

My daughter takes a while to warm up usually but when she does, her giggles and her laughter attracts a lot of admiration too. She has a beautiful smile. And too often, people stopped us to tell us how beautiful they are.

I really didn't think much about it until my hubby's uncle leaned on me and said "You two produced such beautiful babies. You sure you want to stop at 2?"

Good question. For the longest time, we never thought about having more. I don't even know if I can but I didn't consider having more after the birth of my son.

My experience  in delivering my daughter (In Singapore) was so beautiful and effortless that I remembered telling my husband that we can have 7 if he wants to. Yup, it was that breezy for me (with the help of epidural of course).

The experience wasn't quite the same for my son. We gave birth to him in Australia and the experience was so traumatising that I said I will never ever have another baby!

So that was that. I always said now that we have a boy and a girl,the factory is closed. We said it too many times that we somehow both were convinced that that was what we want.

When my hubby's uncle asked me about it, I just smiled. I didn't even think it through. My husband was also talking about plans for our holidays next year which of course will not have any room for an infant! So we really didn't take it seriously.

Until I was sitting there in the lounge, waiting for the next flight and staring at my kids playing and giggling.... such beautiful creatures. Annoying at times but they are mostly good kids. I enjoyed the time I had so far, watching them grow... I know I'm reminiscing as if they are all grown up and walking down the aisle....we are talking about a short time here. One is 3 and one is almost 2. Haha

Still, I watched them from an infant to being able to tell me to drive carefully. :) I love them so much and hearing so many people, including my mother in law, saying that she regretted stopping at 2, it made me contemplate the situation.

Am I getting clucky? Not really? I have things planned out for me for the next 2 years which wouldn't allow me to have any babies these 2 years. We have holidays planned as well. Everything we do or planned do not include a 3rd one.

I briefly mentioned it to my husband, one drunk night and he asked if I was ready to go through everything again. It wasn't quite clear if he wants it or not but I quickly dropped the subject somehow.

When we returned back home from our holiday, we had a little gathering to catch up with family after 3 weeks of being away. It was on this day that my brother announced that his wife is 7 weeks pregnant! Their second pregnancy is conceived when their 1st was 6 months old. Exactly the age when my daughter was when I conceived my son. We congratulated them & we celebrated the joyous news.

On the drive back, I brought up that it was strange that this news came a day after we were talking about it!! And yet it is not us, it's my brother's family. :)

Then I missed my period. It was supposed to come on the 20th and ya big deal, I'm just 4 days late!! Yet, it's been playing in my head .. what if??!!! I mentally tried to find ways to actually change the plans to make it possible to have an infant - nope, haven't found anything yet but my brain was constantly trying ... I looked through the internet and see when should I check with a pregnancy kit. It says 6-12 after conception. When is conception? Yup, I got busy checking all these and used up a full day!

I know I am not ready mentally and maybe it will be too wishful to think it'll happen again (since doctors are still wondering how I conceinved my 2 kids when I have been diagnosed as not being able to conceive any1) but I found a little bit of happiness, (just a little bit - obviously I forgot the pain of the 1st year) sitting in my heart wanting it to be true.

So this morning, I bought a pregnancy kit. I didn't discuss with anyone. Not even with my husband. I've missed my period and after spending a whole afternoon reminding myself all  info that I already knew from the past kids, I've decided to take a pregnancy kit.

I was quietly playing in my head of ways to tell my husband that I'm pregnant. I replayed it again and again and again ... so In a way, I think I must want it somehow.

I did the test when the kids were taking a nap. And it came out ........ NEGATIVE.

I sat there, feeling a little sad. Weird isn't it? I'm not even supposed to have this baby?? Then I started telling myself that maybe I didn't wait long enough or maybe I did it wrong and that's why it's negative.

I saw myself talking myself into it as if all I wanted to see was it's POSITIVE! That scares me a little.What's going on?

I don't know really .... Realistically, the period is possibly delayed due to the hectic traveling and the aftermath of catching up on piles of work after a holiday. But this stubborn brain just wouldn't wanna believe it....

So PERIOD, please stop playing games with my head. You either come soon and put this questions to rest or make it positive! Either way, I'll be happy I guess. :)