Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm Not Cute, Mommy

This afternoon when I picked my kids up at their playgroup, the Principle and their teacher were going all crazy about my son going on a holiday.

They said they would miss him since he is the life of his little group and he is somehow the favourite of everyone. Well, he is a charmer. He smiles and even cheers on people he doesnt know. He basically makes people just wanna grab him & kiss him. Not that he's complaining. I'm sure that skill will come in handy when he's a teenager. :)

While the two ladies were going on and on about my son, my 3 year old daughter was standing there once in a while trying to smile or give flying kisses like what my son was doing. She probably felt like she needed to do that to be noticed? I don't know... She didn't say much but when we got into the car and as I was buckling them into the car seat she suddenly said " Mommy, I'm not so cute."

I was so surprised at that sentence. "Who told you that?"

"They don't smile and play with me like they do with him."

Wow. She has come to an age whereby she realised the preferences the teachers are giving. I hugged her and told her that she is my beautiful little girl.

She wasn't convinced but she wasn't going to pout about it either. It was more like her stating the fact and move on. Very mature of her. The rest of the afternoon, I reminded her constantly that she has beautiful hair, I love her smiles, etc, etc

She didn't look like she even remember about the extra attention that her brother was getting. Oh well.

It's something for me to take note. That she has learned to realise preferences.