Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Long Lost Stranger

Yesterday for lunch, I have decided to catch up with someone I met only twice in my lifetime. I met the couple at a mutual friend's wedding. And the afterwards at a party.

We never really caught up again. I guess we tried but our schedule collided. Or I am away for business trips or on holiday!

Anyway, I recently saw the husband on Whatsapp (an application on the iphone that allows you to send messages for free wherever you are in the world.) I said hi & he told me that they just had their 3rd baby!!!

Goodness me!When we got to know each other, their second child was 2 months old and I only have my daughter. No son yet. I was a clueless mommy!

Time do flies. Seriously! I mean she was shocked to hear I also have a son now! No wonder she was just asking about my daughter.

Anyway, the fact that we met only twice didn't make the catch up too surfaced. In fact, it has been a while since I had such deep conversation with someone. This lady has a 2 months old in tow. She is breastfeeding as she talked. And yet she was composed. She has 3 boys. 6, 3and the last one which was hoped was gonna be a girl, turned out to be another boy. She said she is done.

I mean I have one son & it took a toll on me. My daughter seems easier to take care of, I feel. I guess she will make up for it when she is a teenager.

Anyway, she told me how they didn't plan the third baby. It was an accident and her husband was clear that he didn't want the baby (I told you that the conversation was deep & very personal in fact).

The dilemma as a mother she had, being torn between abiding to her husband's wishes & to kill a life that was growing inside her. She did book an appointment to terminate the pregnancy but she couldn't go through with it. She cried when she left the clinic & called her husband.  " I know you don't want to ever talk about this baby & I have tried to get rid of this child but I'm sorry I can't."

Her husband was in shocked, not once he thought she would go that far to even book an appointment!!! He said he is fine with it. He just needed time to get used to the idea and find ways to try to keep them financially able. Ghees.... the miscommunication could have cost a life! That was really scary!

I didn't think you would open up about all that to someone you met only twice but somehow she did & because she did, it was easier to relate to her. She was open, honest & funny. She also has a big appetite. :)

I'm glad she had the baby. He is just so adorable.

We talked about children's school (how typical of mommies, I know). We talked about how her life changed with the latest addition. She got to know more about me. And it was nice..... it felt like there is a potential of us being really close.

At the end of lunch, she asked if I wanna come by her place on Friday. Wow! Twice in a week. I said ok. I wasn't sure because I have lunch date with Greg (Ya it was postponed till next this coming Friday). My husband said I probably can drop by her place after having lunch with Greg. Well, I have to see how my work load is at the office.

Nevertheless, it was really fun. I might just go... let's see!