Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Berserk Girlfriend

I have a very good friend. His name is Greg. I think we have been friends for a while. We always meet up for lunches since we are both in committed relationship/marriage & prefer to spend our evenings with our beloved partners.

I went away for a holiday and since we got back, I haven't got the chance to resume our usual lunch. Yesterday he WHATSAPP me & asked when on earth will I be free again.

We decided to meet up again on Friday.

Anyway, last night I had a nightmare, to a point that I woke up from it because it was just so wrong!

I dreamt that it was a week day and we were supposed to have lunch (as usual). He got a sudden call to go to Hong Kong and coz he was feeling bad,  he said I should come with him to his place, order pizza & we lunch & he packs at the same time.

In that nightmare, I somehow sat on their bed while he was packing & talking. we had so much to catch up on so we were talking non stop. Suddenly his girlfriend came into the room, saw me on the bed, sat back against the head of the bed & she became so mad.

I didn't catch her anger at the first minute. I mean I was fully clothed & seated like someone was talking to someone who is packing! Nothing else. Nothing sinful about that. But I guess the fact that I was on their bed , in their room.

She became so mad. She threw things at him & then she turned at me & started attacking me verbally.

See, Greg has been my friend from the time he was dating my girlfriend. They broke up a year ago. And not long after that, Greg got together with her current girlfriend. I didn't get a chance to meet her. She somehow managed to cancel our meetings or Greg would end up coming on his own coz she was unwell or whatever.

So in total, I met her once in a party where she didn't expect me to be. It was a new year party & she didn't look like she liked me too much. I wonder if Greg has spoken about me. The weirdest thing about that evening was that, between our drunk moment (it was new year after all!!) she tried to hit on my husband.I wasn't sure if she did it on purpose must have been aware I was close by.

Nevertheless, at the touch of midnight when everyone gave everyone a kiss(a friendly of course), Greg looked for me after kisisng her. To kiss me as a friend of course. But she didn't look too happy.

That was new year. I haven't met her since. I saw her one time!

So why did she enter into my nightmare? I wasn't even thinking about her! It was strange.
In that nightmare, she became berserk & she started attacking me physically. I had to run for my life.

The whole time I was wondering -she knows that we are just friends right??!! Or is there something I don't know?

I was rudely woken up when I was stabbed in my nightmare. With a sharp candle holder -yup, not so cool! 

I was panting hard ... as if I've been running. I was like"What the hell was that??!!"

I got up & tried sipping a glass of water before going back to sleep hoping that the story doesn't continue.

It didn't. It was just strange. Today is Wednesday. I will see him on Friday for lunch ... no more nightmares please!