Friday, December 30, 2011

P.S I Love You

Sometimes in life you do realize people do things which you wouldn't do. It can be anything at all. Just because certain people do things a certain way doesn't make it wrong or right. It's just preference. It was funny but I overheard this while waiting for a cab

"Once upon a time, it was so hard to communicate that the royals or star crossed lovers in China communicated by using secret messages through a cake - Mooncake. These days even married couples find it so hard to communicate with each other that they use a medium called Facebook!  'I love you honey' They would write. Why can't they say it to each other instead?"

Good question but I didn't dare to intervene her deep thoughts which was out loud.

"Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal for his beloved just to declare to the world how much he loved his wife. Yet these days, people do that on Facebook. It became a little embarrassing. Mark my word, people will start proposing on Facebook too."

Hmmm, maybe people already have. I'm not that active as I should be with facebook or twitter. My husband recently started twittering for his business and it works for him.

I guess it works in some and not in others. But in a way, I have no clue why this lady was sulking over this issue but I guess I can understand where she's coming from.

Too often you see people declaring how great their husbands/ wives/ partners are on facebook yet it can be far from truth. Recently, marriage counsellors claimed that those who declare to the world about how romantic their partners are usually get that treatment so rarely that they tend to be the ones making a big deal out of it.

According to them, those who actually have a blissful romantic marriage rarely seen declaring to the world or even talking about it since for them it’s a norm. In fact people will realise themselves that these couples are blissful with the way they interact with each other without having to prove anything to the world.

Why are people so keen to tell the world that they are so lucky? Again the marriage counsellors said that this is a way to convince themselves that they are how they want to be or wished to be. I don’t see anything wrong with people declaring their love in public. I won’t do it myself but I think there are some out there who wouldn’t mind sharing their lives with others.

Again, there is nothing wrong with that. Well, not to this lady in the queue. Her friend who was with her, seemed too afraid to give an opinion and I shouldn’t be caught eavesdropping! So I didn’t say anything. She’s obviously upset about something or at somebody. Her friend took out her iphone & was fiddling with it for a bit.

Then the sulky lady’s phone beeped an alert. With a straight face, her friend said “I just posted something on facebook”

Sulky lady read it aloud “P.S I Love You” ????

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