Monday, March 25, 2013

The 40th Birthday Party

Two weeks before my best friend X turned 40, I was on WHATSAPP (an app on most smart phones- internet based sms) with a friend of mine who was on holiday in a beautiful resort in Philippines. They were sending through pictures, basically stirring us up coz they were having such a good time! ;)

The thing about WHATSAPP is that, anyone who has your number in their contact can check if you are ONLINE or not. Apparently while I was online and was looking through the pictures of the resort  with my husband, my best friend’s girlfriend, Julia was checking on her boyfriend. He was online. He was chatting with some friends in Germany. She must have checked my status when she saw him online & went berserk when she noticed that I was online too.

Apparently, she stormed into their home office where he was & started screaming at him saying that he was wanking as he was chatting with me. He managed to push her out of the room and locked himself in the office. That was when we received a WHATSAPP message from X saying that Julia saw that both of us were online & assumed we were chatting and therefore we were having an affair. My husband laughed out loud. He couldn’t believe history is repeating itself. “When is he gonna learn that this woman is just insane??!”

I wasn’t sure how to react. My husband said tell him to stop writing and let her cool down since we were sure she is checking on our status. We told our friends to stop sending those pictures so that I can be offline for a while while this crazy woman calmed down.

X called us and told me to warn my husband that Julia is going to call him and convinced my husband that we are having an affair. I said I’m really not worried since my husband knows exactly what I’ve been up to & he knows I would never cheat on him anyway. X said that Julia will find a way to make sure that my marriage crumbles. I said “Why? Because she thinks you are not faithful she has to attack another relationship? Strange behaviour.”

X sounded pretty frightened. And apparently they had a big argument after that. It blew out of proportion to a point that X became overly depressed. He was turning 40. For some reason men became overly emotional (My husband included) when they are turning 40. It seems to be a big deal. He was in such a dilemma and very depress that the woman he is in love with is doing everything to make him hate her more and more. She continuously attacked his intention and his plans.

Seeing that his girlfriend has no intention of being involved in his SPECIAL birthday, he was close to calling everything off. We managed to talk to him to not be alone on his birthday. And so he started to invite people to his birthday seeing how his girlfriend showed no interest whatsoever to be a part of the planning process. Later that evening she found out that he has started to invite people without discussing with her. A contradiction to an earlier claim that she didn’t care who is in his guest list. Suddenly she got offended and accused him of not caring about how she feels. If she would have it her way, only her friends are invited to his arty and none of his friends are welcome. X said its impossible since he wants people who he cares about to be there.

They had another full blown argument 4 days before the party. Apparently because the 3 girls she hated (one of them is me) would be at her boyfriend’s party. She wasn’t happy with that. X insisted that the guest list will not be changed. I did offer to not attend to help simmer the situation but no, X insisted that we attend his special day.

As expected, a day before his party, she did something MAGICAL. She called the venue of his party for him. And you can imagine how little she does for him because he got so excited that she did that for him. Apparently since then, she gave him a massage, treating him like a king cooked him birthday breakfast and as USUAL, X sunk into the same spot as always. In her grip. One thing that turned out good –he had a very happy 40th birthday celebration.:)

How was the party?  It was great. All his friends were there and we were having so much fun. Julia made it very obvious that I wasn’t welcome. I went to her anyway and kissed both cheeks while she rolled her eyes and completely showed me that it was her boyfriend’s party and she didn’t want me there. When I moved to kiss her left cheek, she quickly pretended to wave to the waiter frantically and proceed to talking to the waiter as if we were done… Wow!

Have you watched the movie THE MEAN GIRLS? Ya, it was a high school thing and my gosh that was happening then. I had to smile because I thought it was so funny!! Except for one thing – I am the popular one and her wanting to be mean to the popular girl wouldn’t do her any good. She is the one who has been avoiding X’s friends so not many people were even trying to talk to her and she wanted to snub me??? Wrong move!

I let her be. My husband was laughing out loud when Julia openly bitched about me to another girl and pointing at me…. He was like “This is so hilarious! So kindergarten” 

I was glad that my husband noticed that. Otherwise he thought I was trying be resentful! X wasn’t aware what was happening. He was drunk. He was having a good time. He was all good. Meanwhile, Julia was making sure that she went around taking pictures without me in it. And when I wanted to snap the group picture (Which I wasn’t in) she said no need to take the picture – not required. My husband saw that too and was like “Wow! Bitchy!”

One thing for sure, that was the first time I have ever saw Julia as such. Imagine this, Julia is blond wit gorgeous big blue eyes. Flawless skin. Requires very little make up. She’s almost as perfect as a Barbie doll. It’s very difficult for me to imagine her being violent or harsh. Very very difficult. The only stories I heard were from X and I’ve openly told him that I’ve never seen her in action so it was a bit difficult to even think she’s like that.

But that evening, my husband and I finally saw the rottenness of a real beauty. I finally realise that you can be so perfectly beautiful outside and be so terrible inside. I finally saw the real deal and I could only imagine what X had to go through. She’s very lucky that X is so forgiving (and forgetful – that kindda help a lot)

What she did the whole night was unreal. It didn’t affect my night since I had a blast with the rest of my friends! We all love each other and we had so much fun while she was sitting miserable trying to corner one by one and tried to tell them what a terrible person I am. They all turned back to her and said “Are you talking about her???? We love her! She’s our good friend! She’s done a lot for us.”

Funny enough that hit her hard. Because it’s not in her nature to do anything for her friends or her boyfriend for that matter. She must have sense that X was already questioning about the relationship and was contemplating of having a party without her. That was when she stepped in and became a true angel to him the whole weekend. Making him entwined into another possibility again.

I made sure that X wasn’t next to me for too long., I moved away. When he sat next to me I know she was watching my every move and she wasn’t happy that everyone else was enjoying my company. How can a person be so screwed up?? Especially someone that beautiful! How can she not have faith in her own boyfriend?

Funny enough, her bestfriend was there too.. Yes the same bestfriend who tried to kiss him and was upset when he didn’t go home with her! How screwed up was this? Too Hollywood if you ask me! But it’s not my style to judge someone’s choice of path in life. At the end of the day, her bestfriend was chatting me up and realised that I’m not such a bad person as she was told. Duh! The truth always surfaced.

At the end of the day, we said goodnight. X held me a little longer and said “Never ever give me up. You are the best friend I’ve ever had. I’m so lucky to have you.” I just hugged him back, wished him happy birthday and let my husband hug him goodbye after that.

We left. And I was quiet the whole journey back. My husband squeezed my hand. “I saw what happened. Don’t worry”

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