Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Humble Birthday ;)

It's my birthday!!!!! Today I am 36 years young! I'm so proud to be able to celebrate another year of my life! And to survive life with the accomplishments I have achieved!

While many shy away from celebrating their birthdays, I look at it as a yearly achievement! I’m so looking forward to what the year has for me!

Last night,  my good friend flew from Germany with her lovely boyfriend. This morning, they came out of their room with a huge MERCI chocolate as a tray, some pressies on it together with a palm size candle of a cake –complete with candles burning off it!! It was so darn cute!!

Then my 2 year old daughter came running to me with a beautiful card and a box of chocolate. Wished me, hugged and kissed me … and then told me that the box of chocolate is actually hers. ;) Cheeky!

My son slept through the night last night as if he knows it’s my birthday! And my husband…. I don’t know what I’ve done right to deserve such a lovely man. He woke me up with lotsa kisses  - yes, even more than he usually smoulder me with, and a tray of beautifully made breakfast.

On it, there was a card which said all the right sweet nothings that melted my heart completely. I am so in love with this guy! ( Don't tell him that!)

So I had breakfast with lotsa extra love from everyone. Text messages, phone calls, Facebook messages, Whatsapp messages, they all came pouring in which made this day even more special than it already is.

At noon, I picked up my daughter & my husband met up with me there and off we went to Brasserie Wolf, a French restaurant at THE PIER. We were greeted warmly as usual. And since I have been lavished with too much good food in the morning, I went for their set lunch instead ... but ordered their pan seared Foie gras on top of the set lunch.

Somehow words leaked that it was my birthday… so on top of the 5 course meal I had, and the yummy ala carte foie gras, we got 2 glasses of champagne & a chocolate molten cake with ice cream & a candle on top! I was bursting at the end of it… I was so full … but completely enjoyed my meal there. They sure know how to spoil a birthday girl!

Now I’m back. Writing this blog, and then I would have to prepare some stuff for our little cozy celebration tonight. Here’s the big bang…..

1.       Spoilt birthday breakfast
2.       Lunch in a beautiful restaurant
3.       Celebration with really close friends tonight with the first cake cutting ceremony
4.       Tomorrow evening, cake cutting ceremony with my biological family
5.       Friday night, paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty!!!!!

A bit extravagant??? Well, I survived 36 years of age when everyone said I was gonna die at birth. Isn’t that a darn good reason to be celebrating?? Haha…

Ok, I need to prepare for tonight’s bbq… write late folks!